VisionShare Consulting brings life to your vision.


What i Do

I began my career in 1997, and after 19 years of working for several notable corporations, the timing became right to refocus my ambitions. With great excitement, I launched my own marketing consulting firm, VisionShare Consulting LLC, 

in October of 2014.

As the owner of VisionShare Consulting, my mission is to provide cost-effective marketing solutions that produce quantifiable results for small−to−medium sized businesses.

My promise to my clients is that my advice will make sense for their business

and budget, and I will track and measure results {success} along the way. 

One of the major reasons small businesses fail in the first five years is ineffective marketing. In many instances, small businesses cannot afford to employ marketing personnel, nor can they afford to hire a large advertising agency -- this is precisely where VisionShare Consulting can help. 

Jodi Schwefel

Owner | Strategic Marketing Consultant