VisionShare Consulting brings life to your vision.

As a strategic marketing consultant, I understand that the process of developing a marketing plan for your business is very personal to you and will depend on your specific needs and budget. This begins with discussing your growth goals and then reviewing or developing a marketing plan – which is your guide to successfully promoting and growing your business.

VisionShare Consulting will work diligently to:

  • understand your unique strengths & weaknesses
  • uncover your core differentiators
  • define your target audience
  • evaluate your existing marketing strategies & referral programs
  • determine your unique selling proposition
  • analyze your competition
  • build a marketing strategy ensured to meet your goals

Establishing a cohesive, effective marketing strategy will also include assessing your business’s brand and brand identity. Consistent usage and application of your brand at every customer touch point is imperative. An established look-and-feel, as well as consistent language, strengthens your brand image and elevates consumers’ opinions about your business.

VisionShare Consulting will work to ensure that you understand what needs to be done and why, while staying true to your vision for your business.